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#70 Stream Bookmarks / RealAudio


Hi...I very much appreciate your efforts with Mplayer,
since I currently use Realplayer for webstreaming, but
don't like it.

I have two suggestions to make, though--I don't have
Tiger, so it's possible that you've implemented them

The biggest one is the ability (or lack thereof) to add
a web stream to the playlist, or to be able to bookmark
it in some way. If this were enabled, I'd immediately
switch to using MPlayer for most of my playback uses
(mostly, I listen to internet radio). This seems like
a modest/necessary improvement.

The second one is better support for realaudio
files--the thing that keeps me with realplayer is that
a lot of web content--especially radio--is,
irritatingly, still in this format. If one could have
a player with bookmarks that reliably played both real,
windows, ogg, etc. streaming files, I think you'd see a
vast leap to Mplayer. Obviously, this is a bigger
deal, and I assume you're running into all kinds of
proprietary kinds of isssues.

Anyway, thanks for your efforts!