New Feature Requests - free Pocky for you?

  • Peter in Japan
    Peter in Japan

    Hi, my name is Peter Payne and I just love Mplayer OS X, as it's the fastest, most trouble-free player the Mac. I'd *love* to initiate a round of improvements that, in my uneducated opinion, the app really needs. These include

    a) a fig for what I consider to be the annoying bug that causes sound to make a squeaking sound when you go forward/backward with the arrow keys (sound should be turned off right before this action)

    b) support for dual languages. Come on, guys, about half of my videos are bilingual, yet I have to type that weird code code in the "additional settings" preference, and change it for every video I watch? Please let's get menu options for choosing track 1 or 2.

    c) for some (odd) reason, VLC supports louder volumes than Mplayer. If possible, it'd be great if Mplayer could support these volumes, perhaps as an option. There are a lot of times when videos can't be heard in louder situations yet Mplayer (which otherwise rules) can't be heard.

    Is there any way I could get the developers to recognize these problems and add them in the next version? (And, uh, make a next version.)  Incidentally, I have a <a href="" target="new">shop</a> selling interesting things from Japan. I'll send a CASE (which should be 60 individual boxes) of Pocky or any comparable fun Japanese snack to any developer who is willing to address these issues in a new release.

    Any takers?

  • Fernblatt

    I hope Jan took you up on the free Pocky!!  Pocky is wonderfully addictive.   I also wish the project wasn't abandoned - but it appear to be. 

    Has anyone taken the time to update the OSX binaries the past 5 years???  I would take it on if I thought I had the skills to do so.
    It doesn't seem to work at all on Snow Leopard, and VLC has the same problems.  Perian seems to be stale as well and doesn't always work well.