awesome player+ some features requests...

  • smithz4096

    Just checked mplayer yesterday on an g3/600 ibook. This is just great software, it's VERY responsive compared to vlc, which stutters along when skipping, fast-forward, etc.

    My feature request:

    - why no position-bar in the "small-window" mode ? makes no sense, there's plenty of screen-estatete for that bar.

    - would like to have a frame-forward & backward keyboard commands

    - what about an A->B loop modus ? would be killer...

    - the overlayed position GUI while skipping around in a file with cursorkeys is great, but i would like to have options for it: position (middle, bottom, etc.), size, maybe transparency..

    - an option that allows non-proportional scaling of media. I know you don't need this very often, but sometimes i get bad scaled movies. Ideal would be keyboard commands for +/-  for x-size / y-size.


    at last i got a crash:

    after activating "postprocessing" and trying to watch a movie Mplayer crashes. Only the window-task, not the control-task. I have to start mplayer again, deactivate postprocessing and quit mplayer to make it save foolproof prefs. After this procedure mplayer runs again, otherwise it won't start due to damaged prefs.

    best and keep up the excellent work,