#43 FFmpeg - MPlayer (sherpya builds)

FFmpeg (6)

Have used your ffmpeg buikd for many months as is the best.

Had a look over at netfarm, not easy or at all to spot a x86 win32 binary build. So searched for you on the web and found here.

Don't see at a glance binaries for x86 ffmpeg you've built. Maybe they are in latest download, will get it after posting this.

BTW i also use mplayer damn your good :) It's your version again Sherpya-svn-r28311-4.2.5
I had tried one or two update versions but they were utter tat, just rubbish, but then they were not yours i hope.

MPUI - Fenny8248modified is the best mpui i have tried to date. I have tried a few, this one has the right options all in the right places. I'll have to have a look for his update to see if any better.

Ok then have this site bookmarked, will look back often as other softwares i needyour ffmpeg verion for also.

Thanks for coding these for us, keep them coming - often :)


  • Faze

    Oh lovely they are binaries, wow they are miles ahead of what i have. Keep going, keep posting builds for both here, i will be back often for updates. :o)

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