#20 Playback is delayed with fontconfig activated

MPlayer (86)
Rainer Grabbe

Playback of any video file (I tested avi with Xvid, mkv with H.264 and mpeg2 PS/TS) is delayed for almost two seconds, when option "fontconfig" is activated. The delay is such that mplayer starts playback with audio, but not video. It's playing for 0.3-0.4 sec, then pause, then retry, pause again. In the third try (mostly) it finally starts playback of audio/video.

When disabling fontconfig all starts fine. The bug also disappears when removing the font directories from "fonts.conf", but then I still can't use fontconfig features.

Error is independet from a subtitle track. It occurs on all published revisions since 27323 including the latest 27811. I can say this bug does not occur with the same versions until two days ago. Strange.


  • Rainer Grabbe
    Rainer Grabbe

    Further analysis results in the following:
    the startup delay is caused by an initial run of fontconfig, which creates the font cache. Usually this only happens once, but in my case it happened every time of mplayer startup. The assumed reason is that fontconfig created some "broken" cache file which couldn't be used at any next startup. So it was created every time.

    I solved the problem on my system (Windows XP SP2) by deleting some suspicious fonts and rerun of mplayer's fontconfig. Since then the startup delay vanished.

    The bug could have been found earlier if there was returned any error message caused by fontconfig, but there are only mplayer-internal messages available. :(

  • I've seen fontconfig cache in strange places :), Need to review the fontconfig package, SMPlayer's author added some patches to fontconfig, I suspect to solve this problem

  • Hello!

    After using your MPlayer builds with fontconfig for quite some time now without any problems, it suddenly started to re-create the fontconfig cash every time a play a video instead of just once. I'm completely confused, as nothing has changed on my system. I also deleted the fontconfig cache files form my TEMP folder, but still the same. This is nasty bug, as it causes a startup delay of ~20 seconds for any video file. Also I saw many reports of that problem, but never was able to reproduce it here. Well, until today ^^

  • Any news yet?


    • status: open --> open-fixed
  • it was a bug in fontconfig related to dst

    • status: open-fixed --> closed-fixed