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#20 support for mms://?

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any plans for it? one of my favorite streams has just switched to mp3, but over mms instead of http. this must be a trend, not an isolated incident...

andrew hay, adh@an.bradford.ma.us


  • Thomas Orgis
    Thomas Orgis

    Sorry for the silence ... but, personally, I don't see free time to investigate the mms protocol. If someone provides a patch to mpg123 (the app, not the lib), we will consider it.

  • Can you provide an url of a stream in question, so that we have an example to look at?

    • Man-wai Chang
      Man-wai Chang

      duplicate. please ignore!

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  • Man-wai Chang
    Man-wai Chang

    Can you provide an url of a stream in question,
    so that we have an example to look at?


  • Thomas Orgis
    Thomas Orgis

    Hm. I read that there is the option to fall back to HTTP with MMS servers. Perhaps we could hack something along that.

    Implementing a whole new proprietary protocol ... I have my doubts.

    I see http://developer.berlios.de/projects/mms4j as a possible resource. It mentions a GUI downloader for MMS streams. Perhaps there's a little program in there that can dump the stream to standard output, so that mpg123 can happily play it in a pipe.

    The other re-implementation of MMS doesn't look like free software to me: http://sdp.ppona.com/

  • Man-wai Chang
    Man-wai Chang

    I found the following thread via Google:


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    It got source codes in Visual Basic for downloading, I so believe.

    But I agree it's weird for MPG123 to support Window$ Media Audio formats, unless MPG123 has add-on support like browsers (e.g. Firefox)... or something like Foobar2000 and WinAmp! :)

    The source codes possibly just made some Win32API calls to Window$. So it would not work in Linux environment, which doesn't have built-in WMA interpreter!

    I think it might involve copyright if not patent issues to implement WMA support in Linux.... ;)

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