Mpeg4ip 1.5 Release

Mpeg4ip version 1.5 has been released.

Features/Bug fixes include:
Added integration with libsrtp for player and mp4live
Updated for gcc 4.0
Integrated changes from SDL-1.2.9
Added support for Quicktime .mov aac audio
Fixed some issues with H.264 hinting.
Fixed some issues with mp4v2 and metadata
Added some atoms for OpenIPMP for mp4v2.
Added some APIs for mp4v2 to access atom properties.
Added wide filenames for mp4v2 for Windows.
Changed RTP library APIs to use unsigned, const when applicable.
Added new RTP library APIs for session creation.
Added RFC 3605 (rtcp port doesn't have to be rtp port + 1) in player
and mp4live.
Smoothed out changes to audio correction in player
Fixed player initialization when media takes a long time.
Fixed playback of mp3 files with id3 tags.
Added some H.264 nerd knobs in mp4live

Posted by Bill May 2006-05-11