Mpd-4.1 released

I am glad to present you the first stable release of mpd4.x branch - the mpd4.1!

It has almost a two years passed since last stable release of mpd3.18 and I must say that this time wasn't spent useless. Comparing to the 3.18, release 4.1 presents:
- performance multithreading auth backend,
- IPv6 support,
- L2TP link type,
- working TCP and UDP link types,
- NetFlow,
- NAT,
- new Telnet console,
- WEB interface,
- Deflate and Predictor-1 traffic compression,
- DESE-bis traffic encryption,
- _HUGE_ amount of bug fixes, refactoring cases and performance optimizations.

Considering above, the mpd3.x branch is announced as legacy and will not be anymore supported and updated. All mpd users are strongly recommended to upgrade to the latest 4.x release.

Complete change log of MPD4 branch you can find here:

You can download mpd in source form here:
, or install it via FreeBSD ports system.

Posted by Alexander Motin 2007-02-11