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MPD replaces server's default route

  • DeeJay2


    We have a PPPoE server built on FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE-p3 and mpd-5.6.
    The server had no problems for 6 weeks. Now, since students are back to college and University in our buildings, the server is working somehow a bit more and the internet services got disrupted. For the 2,3 first times, I had to reboot the server to recover as soon as possible. Yesterday I made a script to capture some informations quickly so I can run it before I reboot the next time it happens. It happened this morning and I noticed the cause is that the server's default route get changed with an "out of nowhere" nexthop IP. 

    I had multiples times and this morning….

    I know it changed because I had  arpresolve: can't allocate llinfo for messages previously… I just didn't know it was because the default route changed.

    So, what could make MPD change my default route that way?

  • It should not be Mpd. Mpd doesn't touch routes unless it is configured to so with 'set iface route …'.