#23 Access violation


Every time I start Mp4cam2AVI v2.71 there appears the following error:
"Access violation at address 00485CA3 in module 'Mp4Cam2AVI.exe'.
Read of address 0000024A."

Additionally when I press Ctrl+A with one item in the file list selected, there comes the following error:
"Access violation at address 0041BD9C in module 'Mp4Cam2AVI.exe'.
Read of address 0000000D."

And if I select a group of files to encode (many to many, Xvid best quality, source audio) it often hangs on one file. If I proccess only that file with a fresh started instance of the programme, it works fine. Im not sure, but i think it is always the 6th file that produces this behaviour.

I hope that helps.

But anyway, great tool!


  • Forgot to mention:
    I use Windows Vista 64 with 8gb Ram and a Quad-Core. Maybe that's important...

  • Sorry for the many additions, but the version is wrong. I used v2.79 not v2.71.
    Also it is not the 6th, but a random file. In some cases the same file has to be encoded twice or three times before it is ok. But mostly it works to encode the file a second time.

  • I get this error in Vista 32bit.

    Access violation at address 00485CA3 in module 'Mp4Cam2AVI.exe'.
    Read of address 0000024A

    Program works fine though.

  • Same error, windows XP home edition SP3 1GB RAM

  • Hb

    Starting version 2.99 under Windows 7 64 bit gives a similar error "Access violation at address 0049D1EF in module 'Mp4Cam2AVI.exe'. Read of address0000024A."

    The program doesn't crash after that.

    Last edit: Hb 2014-04-05