#29 Corrupted MP3s


I'm not reporting a bug with mp3val; rather, hoping someone can help me figure out why my MP3s are being corrupted. Until I found this tool, I had absolutely no idea why a very small number of my 60+ GB of MP3 files were showing up with minor audio corruptions within them. On very rare occasions, some MP3 files will suddenly seem to have a very small piece of another track (less than 1/2 second) inserted into the middle of it. It is an obvious error, once you hear it, but so rare in occurrence, that it is extremely difficult to track down. A scan of the track with MP3val will always show an error for these types of files, saying "(offset 0x3e02f0): MPEG stream error, resynchronized successfully" and "Wrong number of MPEG data bytes specified in Xing header (16824946 instead of 16824726)" and "16102 MPEG frames (MPEG 1 Layer III), +ID3v1+ID3v2, Xing header". However, I have no idea why these errors are creeping into my files in the first place. After much puzzling, I have convinced myself that the problem lies with my Western Digital MyBook external USB drive. The problems do not seem to come from my Zune MP3 player. I have now moved my music library to my internal hard drive and will continue to test, but I would like to know if others have seen this problem. If it is the WD external drive, is it corrupting other files besides MP3s? I have only noticed errors with MP3s, but maybe other file errors are harder to catch. What the hell is going on??
I have included an example of this error in a few seconds of an "infected" track.
Any help much appreciated!


  • Sample of introduced error

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