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mp3splt / News: Recent posts

versions 2.6.2 and 0.9.2 released

Added bit reservoir handling for mp3 gapless playback option (-b for the command line).
This option also allows playback at the exact sample specified by the input time, instead of the music data frames boundaries. Warning: split files will play gapless only on players supporting mp3 gapless playback using the LAME tag delay and padding values (example of gapless mp3 players: cmus, mpg123, foobar2000, winamp). The feature is heavily inspired by pcutmp3 developed by Sebastian Gesemann. Use with caution because it is still an experimental feature.... read more

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2014-11-10

versions 2.6.1b and 0.9.1b released

Those versions mostly fix problems with CUE files.

Bug fix: make sure to separate artist and performer in CUE files for use of @p and @a
Bug fix on CUE: from INDEX format MM:SS:FF, handle FF as frames instead of hundreths
Bug fix: issue when having input file inside several recursive symlinks
Small improvement on CUE: also accept INDEX 1 and not only INDEX 01

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2014-09-23

versions 2.6.1a and 0.9.1a released

This version fixes an important bug on FLAC split.
Some FLAC files were not being split at all.

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2014-07-21

versions 2.6.1 and 0.9.1 released

Some changes are implemented in libmp3splt but also reported in mp3splt and mp3splt-gtk for convenience.

libmp3splt version 0.9.1

  • FLAC internal cue sheets support
  • simple MP3 chapter marks support (with no overlap)
  • added #161 FLAC option to compute and write MD5 sum in the STREAMINFO metadata block
  • fixed bug #159 with some FLAC files being detected as MP3; also look for the file extension when detecting a file for a plugin
  • fixed bug '#160 ---last cue splitpoint--- created at 99 59 99 for mp3 files >100mins' (libmp3splt)
  • fixed bug with FLAC & pretend to split option
  • patch #8 to fix Werror=format-security in snprintf... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2014-05-02

versions 2.6 and 0.9.0 released

Some changes are implemented in libmp3splt but also reported in mp3splt and mp3splt-gtk for convenience.

libmp3splt version 0.9.0

  • experimental FLAC support added - stdin and stdout are not yet implemented
  • done patch tracker #6 Please support BSD - Under BSD, alloca(3) is defined in stdlib.h
  • fixed progress bar of ogg vorbis when using the auto adjust option
  • fixed bug #152 libmp3splt trunk: ./autogen.sh does not create file test/Makefile.in
  • fixed bug #150 - compile error if no libmp3tag around... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2013-07-21

versions 2.5.2 and 0.8.2 released

Some changes are implemented in libmp3splt but also reported in mp3splt and mp3splt-gtk for convenience.

libmp3splt version 0.8.2

  • added option to specify the input tags encoding for when writing ID3v2 tags
  • enable -O3 by default
    (feature request #96)
  • added option SPLT_TAGS_ORIGINAL for mp3splt_tags_set
  • added option to keep the original tags and just replace them when importing a CUE or CDDB file
  • added 'split into memory' ability with a callback function for use with 'pretend to split'
    (feature request #94)
  • replaced mp3splt.m4 with pkg-config (bug #145)
  • corrected build files (configure.ac, Makefile.am, ...) and check using 'make distcheck' (bug #147)
  • fixed a lot of doxygen issues... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2013-03-31

libmp3splt version 0.8.1a released

libmp3splt version 0.8.1a

  • corrected ChangeLog file of 0.8.1 release
  • added minimal.c in the distribution for the doxygen documentation
  • added libmp3splt_ico.svg in the distribution for the doxygen documentation
  • added something in the empty_footer.html file to avoid doxygen segfault
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2013-01-28

versions 2.5.1 and 0.8.1 released

Some changes are implemented in libmp3splt but also reported in mp3splt and mp3splt-gtk for convenience.

libmp3splt version 0.8.1

  • fixed a bug - was crashing when removing tags from skippoints
  • added option to set output ID3v2 tags encoded in latin1, UTF-8 or UTF16
  • forgot to add 'empty_footer.html' in the distribution

mp3splt version 2.5.1
-------------------------------------------------------------... read more

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2013-01-27

versions 2.5 and 0.8 released

Some changes are implemented in libmp3splt but also reported in mp3splt and mp3splt-gtk for convenience.

libmp3splt version 0.8

  • rewritten libmp3splt public API to target future 1.0 stable release
  • written complete documentation of the public API
  • done issues #40 and #85 - added minimum silence length parameter for auto adjust
  • implemented back the proxy feature with basic authentification - feature #50
  • added option to generate exactly the same input tags bytes using @O
  • added minimum silence length for trim silence mode (minimum silence to trigger a trimming)
  • done issue #12 - added option to output the full silence log useful to plot a graph
  • enhanced the CUE export to export the tags as REM comments and also the splitpoint names
  • fixed bug when detecting the input tags version - output had no tags when the input only had ID3v1
  • fixed bug: output tags versions was not equal to the input file tags versions when the user was
    setting custom tags without any @o to get the original tags
  • done issue #79 - added 0 to the number of digits to output in order to be able to support
    the old mp3splt output format
  • fixed bug #141 - when input file is a symlink and output directory is the one of the input file
  • amplitude more precise with ogg vorbis files
  • plugins are now installed in $(libdir)/libmp3splt$(SONAME) instead of $(libdir)/libmp3splt
  • fixed bug #131 - use /usr/lib64 instead of /usr/lib on x64 in mp3splt.m4
  • fixed bug #133 - updated GPLv2 COPYING file
  • fixed bug on mp3 trim silence scan: last frame was skipped
  • fixed bug #134 - use of deprecated gethostbyname()... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2013-01-20

mp3splt-gtk-0.7.3.tar.gz uploaded several times

There were two issues with the mp3splt-gtk tarball as reported by mail:
1) configure: error: cannot find install-sh, install.sh, or shtool in build-aux "."/build-aux
This one was also reported in this support request:
2) ld: audacious_control.o: undefined reference to symbol 'dbus_g_bus_get'... read more

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2012-09-05

versions 2.4.3 and 0.7.3 released

libmp3splt version 0.7.3

  • added the trackjoin parameter for silence detection split: tracks shorter than trackjoin will be joined with others
  • fixed bug: removing TLEN id3v2 tag from the split files
  • fixed bug #3530488 - regression introduced with ogg multiple logical streams

mp3splt version 2.4.3
-------------------------------------------------------------... read more

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2012-08-27

versions 2.4.2 and 0.7.2 released

libmp3splt version 0.7.2

  • fixed error when ID3v2 was containing what appears a valid frame; make sure we skip the ID3v2 after looking for the first frames
  • fixed bug #3497957 libtoolize vs glibtoolize
  • fixed #3487543 - compilation without pcre support
  • added the shots parameter to silence detection

mp3splt version 2.4.2
-------------------------------------------------------------... read more

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2012-05-13

versions 2.4.1 and 0.7.1 released

libmp3splt version 0.7.1

  • added minimum track length option for silence scan - closes #2393766
  • added option to set original tags when using 'replace tags in tags' - closes #3407314
  • added support for multiple ogg/vorbis logical streams (mail)
  • fixed mp3 frame mode with skippoint when skippoint too small (on the same frame as previous)
  • fixed some regression regarding mp3splt v2.1c - removed some checks relative to the total
    time - we cannot rely on the total time - for example with concatenated mp3s
  • fixed several audacity labels issues
  • fixed inconsistency (extra 0 padding) between @n of custom tags and @n of output filename (mail)
  • fixed compilation error without libid3tag
  • fixed #3385833 - don't apply debugging flags or warnings flags by default:
    added --enable-c-debug --enable-optimise --enable-extra-warnings
  • fixed #3385827 - added --disable-doxygen_doc
  • fixed #3385829 - building doxygen documentation by itself + installing doxygen files... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2011-11-14

versions 2.4 and 0.7 released


  • added negative splitpoints support: closes #3005266, #1659204
  • added trimming using silence detection: closes #3016524, #3141369, #880051, #1576489
  • fixed bug #3034474: genre tag problem + original tags are now correctly copied, with two exceptions:
  • only one artist, album, title are supported
  • for mp3's, the total tracknumber is not yet supported
  • rewritten internet part (tracktype, freedb)
  • fixed windows bug to take translations from the current directory
  • fixed windows bug with wide characters in directory path of executable... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2011-07-14

versions 2.3a and 0.6.1a released

This release fixes a tracktype.org communication issue (freedb queries).

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2011-03-05

versions 2.3 and 0.6.1 released


  • added genre tag to custom tags and to output format (@g)
  • support for the FILE attribute in CUE files - #1353726
  • support for setting tags from filename regular expression
  • added cutter as unit testing framework in libmp3splt
  • fixed CUE import bug - spaces at the end are now correctly wiped out
  • fixed bug #3114384: introduced back the 'file might be VBR' warning
  • fixed bug #3034474: genre tag problems
  • fixed ogg stream issues - #2861898 & #1078018
  • fixed bug: setting the saved end time on wrong splitpoint indexes
  • more translations (project mp3splt-gtk on transifex)
  • and many other bugs ...... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2011-03-02

versions 2.2.9 and 0.6 released


  • fixed bug #3028775 & #3028078: naming conventions for files > 100 minutes confuses sort
  • fixed bug #3025671: getting original ID3v2 tags was not working on Windows
  • fixed bug #3012688: wrong include and lib path using --with-mp3splt
  • fixed bug #2969968: build failed with --disable-nls
  • fixed bug #2969223: 'invalid dir I:'
  • added > 2Gb support on Windows


  • allow auto adjusting when splitting in equal parts... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2010-09-27

versions 2.2.8 and 0.5.9 released


  • added cue export option - feature #1374959 and #1763318
  • added pretend to split option (useful with cue export)
  • added replace tags in tags option SPLT_OPT_REPLACE_TAGS_IN_TAGS - feature #2909015
  • added SPLIT_OPTION_LENGTH_MODE to split in equal time parts - feature #2908857 and #2809465
  • fixed important problem with ogg comments not written in the output files (related to #2925104)
  • fixed bugs with symlink issues - #2913697 and #2943791... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2010-02-17

versions 2.2.7a and 0.5.8a released


  • fixed ogg stream stdin time mode bug number 2891278
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2009-11-04

versions 2.2.7 and 0.5.8 released


libmp3splt version 0.5.8:

  • added audacity labels support
  • fixed bug with wrong time on silence level detection for mp3 streams
  • fixed bug with sync error mode & output format (not creating output files)
  • fixed important bug with the 'rm' parameter - SPLT_SKIPPOINT in general
  • fixed issue with mp3 frame mode: frame mode is not any more enabled by default
  • fixed mp3 non seekable stdin bug
  • fixed bug #1078018 with ogg negative granulepos packets
  • fixed ogg streams bug #2801293
  • both ID3v1 & ID3v2 are now written if the input file contains both
  • small adjustment on the mp3 seekable non frame mode & non seekable frame mode
  • removed unuseful 'frame mode enabled' message for dewrapping & sync error mode
  • fixed bug #2881113: crash when no genre
  • fixed cue mode bug when no PERFORMER or TITLE... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2009-10-30

2.2.6a & 0.5.7a released

This release fixes one important bug.

  • fixed important regression bug with the gap parameter of auto adjust (libmp3splt)
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2009-07-30

mp3splt 2.2.6, libmp3splt & mp3splt-gtk 0.5.7 released

This release includes major GUI usability improvements, full internationalization support (with french and german translations), bug fixes ...

Changes :

(some changes are duplicated from libmp3splt and mp3splt or mp3splt-gtk)

libmp3splt version 0.5.7

  • added internationalization support (gettext) + french & german translations
  • added patch for output format variables @u, @U, @l, @L (thanks TODO )
  • added support to output both ID3v1 and ID3v2 tags
  • changed code to look for '.so.0' instead of '.so' for the plugins
  • fixed compilation bug for libmp3splt detection to look for 'libmp3splt/mp3splt.h' instead of mp3splt.h
  • fixed bug #2809816 with cue file : artist tags were the same
  • fixed important bug when detecting the total time : the last split file was shorter... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2009-07-27

mp3splt 2.2.5, libmp3splt & mp3splt-gtk 0.5.6 released

This is a bug-fix release. Several major issues have been fixed.

Changes :

(some changes are duplicated from libmp3splt and mp3splt or mp3splt-gtk)

libmp3splt version 0.5.6

  • fixed compilation problem, bug #2785683
  • fixed critical bug with overlap splitpoints not working (feature #1530782 => bug)
  • fixed critical bug with mp3 stdin (& framemode)
  • fixed bug #2786300 in plugins compilation (added -lm)
  • Xing header is now written even if SPLT_NO_TAGS option is used
  • added SPLT_OPT_XING option to not write Xing header
  • fixed bug with custom tags and multiple usages of @o
  • fixed bug with stdin & id3v2 & xing
  • fixed a small bug with genre in custom tags
  • fixed some warning messages & added some more
  • fixed dewrap error message
  • fixed dewrap bug to not attempt to create output directories when '-d' option is used
  • fixed minor bug #2790952 : time mode creating an empty file (at the end)... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2009-05-15

mp3splt 2.2.4, libmp3splt & mp3splt-gtk 0.5.5 released

Changes :

(some changes are duplicated from libmp3splt and mp3splt or mp3splt-gtk)

libmp3splt version 0.5.5

  • fixed issue with CUE file not being imported correctly : \r and \n
    problem (bug #2778717)
  • fixed bug #2691576 - CUE file seg fault if no artist
  • fixed bug #2520183 : wrong size in snprintf call
  • fixed bug with ID3v1 and '@N' (was 1,3,5,... instead of 1,2,3,...)
  • fixed time split with '0.0' was infinite looping
  • fixed empty output format '' seg fault
  • added options @m,@M,@s,@S,@H,@h + no @h or @H in output filenames if hundreths are 0
  • added --with-(mad|id3)(-libraries|-includes)?, --disable-[mad|id3]test configure options
  • added overlapping option of split files (feature request #1530782)... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2009-05-02

mp3splt 2.2.3, libmp3splt & mp3splt-gtk 0.5.4 released

Changes :

(some changes are duplicated from libmp3splt and mp3splt or mp3splt-gtk)

libmp3splt version 0.5.4

  • fixed all tags/filenames "unicode" encoding issues on windows
  • the default behaviour of the tags on the split files has changed :
    by default, we set the tags version of the file to split in the split files (for example if the file for split has ID3 version X, the tags in the split files will be ID3vX)
  • the tags in the output files can be changed with the SPLT_OPT_FORCE_TAGS_VERSION option
  • fixed issue when the input file is erased if the output is the same as the original file
  • fixed small track issue in tags... read more
Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2009-01-17