Win 7

  • august wenzel
    august wenzel

    anyone figure out how to get mp3gain to work with Win 7

    I've Dled MSCOMCTL.OCX and registered but still get error message that its not correctly registered … a file is missing or invalid.

    any help is welcome


  • Glen Sawyer
    Glen Sawyer

    Try downloading the "full" zip file for MP3Gain, and putting all of the .dll and .ocx files in the MP3Gain program folder. When Windows looks for .dll and .ocx files that a program needs, it usually checks in the same folder as the .exe first.

  • And if all else fails, foobar2000 will do the trick, and it's much faster.  I usually don't bother with mp3gain anymore, since the other one does the same operation in a fraction of the time.