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Unusual Track Volume Behavior

  • z0mbie87

    I have been using MP3Gain for several years now to normalize my vast music library and for the most part I love the program. However, there are some strange inexplicable issues with a few dozen of my tracks that MP3Gain cannot seem to fix. And here's what I mean:

    When I listen to the music on my ipod (either with headphones or in my car through my pioneer system) there are some tracks that are either WAY too loud or WAY too quiet. I'll go from a nice normalized track to a suddenly earsplitting track or a track I can barely hear. And when I try to adjust the track gain on them, even by a tiny bit (+/- 1.5db), the songs will completely flipflop and if it was too loud it will now be too quiet, and vice versa.

    So basically, i have several dozen tracks that, no matter how much I fine-tune the target volume, they will always not be normal. And it only seems to be noticeable on my iPod. Is my iPod to blame? Or is there some kind of encoding issue in the tracks?

    And before I continue I will say that I use Exact Audio Copy w/ LAME MP3 Encoder for all my CD rips. But I'm only having issues with a few of these albums. Almost every Demon Hunter album and Mindless Self Indulgence's "Frankenstein Girls…" album are the biggest offenders in this issue, and come to think of it Lacuna Coil's "Unleashed Memories" and some of Red Hot Chili Peppers as well. So maybe it's those specific songs and albums that were not properly pressed on the CD?

    I have no idea but it's certainly frustrating. Anyone else having this issue???? Please Help!