How To Compensate For or Fix File Issue

  • Scott McIntosh
    Scott McIntosh

    Does this utility have the ability to repair an mp3 which has a 10 second interval during which there are skipping and stuttering noises but which is otherwise OK?
    If so, how would I proceed to fix it?

  • Ciobi

    The answer is really "no", with the mention that no program can have such an ability if you want truly "repair" functionality. If just a little of the data is gone, some interpolation might make the song sound OK. MP3 Diags doesn't do such things. Depending on exactly what is wrong with the file, it may simply delete the stuttering part (if the MP3 data is invalid) or leave the file unchanged (if the data is valid but the source of the sound was bad.) Other programs might do something better but I doubt that 10 seconds of stuttering can be repaired by any program. So my recommendation would be to get a new version of the file (either re-rip or re-download, however you got it first.) If that's not possible, you may want to consider truncating the file, especially if the "bad" part is near the end (a "fade out" is doable, but I don't know what tool, if any, would do it.)