Shrink Album Art

  • It would be really cool if in the future if there was be an option to define a "max album art" size (resolution wise).  If it was too big it would tell you it had album art that is too big so you can replace it.  It would be even cooler if mp3diags could shrink the album art for you.  But i wont ask too much.

    I figure this would be a cool feature because people use programs that auto download album art and I'm starting to notice that a lot of mine are bigger than 1000x1000 wastes alot of space on mp3players and hard drive space.

  • Ciobi

    Is it really better to have *"max album art" size (**resolution** wise)* rather than *"max album art" size (**disk space** wise)*? A 1000x1000 JPEG compressed with quality 99 might not look different to you than one compressed with quality 93, but it will usually take a lot more space (assuming that quality goes from 0 to 100.)

    Shrinking is already done, but only in the tag editor, for the album art that is not embedded in the MP3 file, but is taken from a separate file, downloaded, or pasted. It's based on size, rather than on resolution (see the "Maximum image size, in kB" setting, .)

    So currently the program handles images inconsistently, because it would make sense for all images that are shown in the tag editor to be recompressed if they are too large. Also, the "Make the largest image Front Cover and remove the rest" transformation (which is hidden by default) should resize images to that maximum size but it doesn't.

    Now my focus is to get a stable 1.0 version and these changes seem to big to get included in 1.0. They will very likely be in a future release, probably in December or January. Until then, the way to achieve image shrinking is to set in the configuration dialog the max size that you want and then to redownload or paste the images. I'll also look at enabling images to be copied to the clipboard from the tag editor; with this you can shrink images by copying them to the clipboard and pasting them back. This is likely to be available in the next 2 weeks; but it isn't practical for hundreds of albums.


  • Yeah I see what you mean by the resolution vs. disc space wise. I  guess I wasn't thinking straight heh.

    Anyways thanks for all of the work and I look forward to 1.0! Congratulations on the milestone and thanks for all of the hard work.  I can't imagine not having this tool now that ive been using it for a few months.