copy tags to id3v1

  • Is there any way to copy the id3v2 tags down into id3v1 with this software? 

    mp3diags rocks btw, this is the only thing i can't do :)

  • Ciobi

    Sorry, you can only keep or remove ID3V1, but you can't change it or add it. Is there some software that people actually use (as opposed to "used 10 years ago") that doesn't comprehend ID3V2? (Or some other reason you'd want ID3V1 besides giving you a sense of "completeness"?)

    I had this requested before, so I may end up implementing it, but I'm more likely to do it if somebody tells me some good reasons for having ID3V1.

  • Well, maybe a little late, but I can tell you, there are many devices out there, that are still not recognizing ID3V2. Many Car-Audio-Systems still rely on ID3V1, as well as Stereo-Sets. I for my part don't think any device should just be changed, because theres a newer one, it should be changed, because it is broken or you need the new features.

    And no, ID3V2 is really no feature worth buying new hardware.

    I would be glad if MP3Diags could update ID3v1. In the current Version I'd allready be glad if removing of ID3V1 would even be possible, but it seems this feature is not supportet anymore. Sadly, because now the songs have two differend ID3 infos in it, and thats very annoying.

  • Ciobi

    I agree that generally a device shouldn't be changed just because there is something newer. There may be exceptions, but car MP3 players are probably not among them.

    So, since your use case makes sense, I will look into it. What seems relatively easy to do is to create / update ID3V1 based on ID3V2 data. I can't promise anything right now, though. Note that if implemented, this will be in a 1.1.x release, not in a 1.0.x. (Allowing the tag editor to write to ID3V1 looks rather complicated.)

    I'm not sure what you mean by "removing of ID3V1 would even be possible, but it seems this feature is not supportet anymore". Because for me this feature exists and seems to work fine. There is a transformation called "Remove all ID3V1 streams". It is hidden by default, but you can make it "visible" in the config dialog. Doesn't it work for you?

  • Wow, thought this thread would be abandoned already - so very much thank you for your answer.

    I just discovered mp3diags a week ago, so i'm not really digged into it. Found the hint on removing all ID3v1 streams on the documentation but not the transformation itself - as you say it is hidden, i will give it a try.

    Updating ID3v1 would be fine though. This software is a great piece of work, for years I've used easyTag and the ex-falso tag editor for just a small break of the features mp3diags delivers. thank you for your efforts on that.

  • I'm back and successfully deleted old ID3v1 streams from my files using the activated transformation of MP3Diags. So, thank you for that hint, solved at least some problems.

    For my car audio system I still do need the ID3v1 tags, so I'll have to use another tool to copy ID3V2 to ID3V1 over. I would really like to see this feature in MP3Diags, but do understand that this seems to be a lot of work.