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  • Goupil_G6

    hello and thanks for writing down such a program

    tagging stuff is great but i have a request-suggestion, whatever…when i come to tag from discogs, vinyl records are tagged with A-side B-side ; therefore, renaming files leads to like"00-this_song.xxx"

    Is there any trick i can do to paste sides and/or put numbers instead?

    Thx !

  • Ciobi

    (This is my second reply. I replied once but then realized what I said was wrong, so deleting the post seemed best option to avoid confusion.)

    I'm not 100% sure that I understand the question, but I guess the problem is that MP3 Diags accepts A1, A2, … as valid track numbers when saving data from Discogs. This is inconsistent, and if you try to set the track number manually to A1 you'll get an error. That's because the specifications allow only a number or a number followed by a slash and the total track count. What it should probably do is convert A1 to 1, A2 to 2, … , B1 to 6 (assuming there are 5 songs on the first side), and so on (but I might change my mind after thinking about this some more).

    Since I only do critical bug fixes in version 1.0 and I haven't started work on 1.1, this is going to remain as is for now.

    Tricks to avoid having all such files renamed as "00":

    - if you have just several albums with this issue, set the track number manually to 1, 2, 3, …

    - if your songs already have a "correct" (that is, numeric) track number somewhere, mark them as assigned (search http://mp3diags.sourceforge.net/190_tag_editor.html for "assigned"), so the track numbers won't get overwritten by whatever you download from Discogs. (If the track number is in the file name, it can be extracted using a pattern.)

    - use patterns (http://mp3diags.sourceforge.net/220_tag_editor_patterns.html) and a text file like this:
    1) Type into a text file all the numbers from 1 to the maximum number of songs in any of your albums.
    2) Add a pattern which is just %n and enable it by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the screen. You'll notice a new column in the "Current song" table. Drag that column to the left, so it's the first.
    3) Select all the lines from the text file (or just as many as the song count in the current album, to avoid a warning), and copy to the clipboard.
    4) Back in the tag editor, press CTRL+V (or the paste button) and now your track numbers are numerical

    Does this answer your question? If not, please provide an actual real-world example. Please include a description of what the program does and what would you like it to do, for this particular example.

  • Ciobi

    I finally fixed this. The code is already in Subversion and it will be part of the next unstable release.