Feature request: tags restrictions

  • I'd like to see a new configurable rule where u define tags that are either 'required' or 'not allowed'.
    You could also include a transformation that automatically removes the forbidden tags.

    Thanks for this great application,


  • Ciobi

    I can see some use for this but I'm not yet convinced that it would add a lot of value. Can you present some use cases?

  • I'd use it to spot files with missing tags and to clean my files from unnecessary tags.

    For example, if I want to be sure that all my files have a YEAR or GENRE tag, I would put them in the required list. Then it would work just like the "ab" note about low quality stream.

    Or if I want to clean my files from unnecessary tags, I'd put those tags in the forbidden list.
    You could (should) also add an option to automatically forbid all tags that are not in the required list.

    The transformation would just remove all the forbidden tags if any.

    Seems quite useful to me and fits in your kind of application IMO.

    On a side note:
    What about a BPM analyzer ? I'm currently using "MixMeister BPM Analyzer" but if I could skip that step and only use mp3 Diags, it would be easier.  Just like I did for mp3 gain.

    I'm more interested in the first feature tho.



  • Ciobi

    OK, these make sense but I'd rather do other things first, so I have no idea if/when I'm going to get to them. Are you willing to implement these yourself? (It's an open-source project, after all.)

  • Unfortunately I've never coded in c++.