File deletion after scan

  • Nick Easton
    Nick Easton

    As a new user, I see no way to delete one or more files from my batch that I deem unfixable…

  • Ciobi

    It's doable but not at all intuitive and there's a big risk that you'd end up deleting more files than you meant. I guess I should add this functionality but I never felt any need for it and I'm pretty sure nobody asked for it before. So I'll look into adding this in the next "Unstable" build. Until then, here's how to achieve this:

    - Go to Config - Visible transformations and make the "No change" transformation visible

    - Go to Config - Files and first switch to Full View, then inside "Original file that would be changed" make sure "Erase" is selected and in "Changed file" switch to "Don't create". Press OK to close the Config dialog

    - Now in the main window, select the files that you want to erase, press the "Single Transformation" button (the hammer) and right-click the newly added "No change" transformation. You get a confirmation and if you press Yes all the selected files will be deleted. The problem is, no matter what other transformations you might want to use, they will also erase your files. So you should be very careful to limit what you're doing to deletions, which is a pain. When you're done deleting you should go back to Config - Files and switch back to Simple View and then choose one of Don't create backup for modified files or Create backup for modified files in.

    - A less drastic alternative is to choose one of the "Move" options in "Original file that would be changed", probably Move but change the name only if a name collision would occur. This will actually move the file that you mean to erase to the "Destination" directory, and you can double-check later that only the files that you meant to delete are there.

    So it's a pain to erase files no matter how you look, but that's how you can use the current version to achieve what you want.