File access errors on Samba server


  • Anonymous


    While mucking around with the mp3gain command a couple of weeks ago, I made a mistake of typing in the command option as -T instead of -t. This creates temporary files instead of changing file in place.

    For me, this stopped the album normalization process working because the temporary file it creates is not writable.

    I spent a week re-installing my server and trying every samba permission combination possible until I found out what I has done.

    So everything is working fine, but I want to raise the possibility that there may be a bug in mp3diag when creating files using mp3gain with this setting.

    Love the program. Cheers Phil.

  • Ciobi

    I'll have a look, but I don't think this has much to do with MP3 Diags. It simply calls the external normalization tool (mp3gain by default, but could be something else) with whatever parameters you passed, without trying to guess their meaning. Doesn't the same issue occur if you call mp3gain from the command line with -T in your particular configuration? (I also noticed that "-T" isn't a valid option for the mp3gain that I have.)


  • Anonymous

    Thanks for such a quick reply. I will try both settings on a local drive and see if it has the same result.  I am using mp3gain 1.5.1-3 on Ubuntu lucid. Mt music collection is stored on another server running under freeNAS.

    Regards Phil.