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Feature Request

  • Network Support: have been using the program for a couple of days and have yet to find a way to access my collection on my home network. The majority of my music collection is on a network share and the program only allows me to browse files locally on my PC.

    • amended subject

      • Ciobi

        As I pointed out at http://sourceforge.net/apps/mantisbt/mp3diags/view.php?id=34 , while MP3 Diags cannot directly read from the network, there is a workaround, namely mapping a network drive. This allows you to see a location on your network as E:, F:, or whatever drive letter you want (provided it's not already taken.)

        So just search the web for 'map network drive'.

        (Support for the "\\MyNet\MyDir\MyFile.mp3" kind of naming seems pretty unlikely.)

  • Hi, saw MP3 Diags on MakeUseOf.com and thought I would give it a try. However, I seem to have the same problem, and MP3 Diags does not recognise the mapped drive (which I already had set up).
    OTOH, I am using off-line files in Windows Vista for that particular network folder, so it is possible that is the problem. Will try again when I next have an active network connection running!

  • It would be a much better program if it would also remove certain unwanted tags (i.e. APE and Lyrics) if desired.  Editing these tags would be anice feature too!  Otherwise a GREAT program….

  • Ciobi

    About removing unwanted tags: There is some limited support for this. You can remove ID3V1 tags automatically (there is a hidden transformation to do this, which you can make visible in the config dialog, by going to "Visible transformations") and you can remove any tag manually by selecting it in the main window and pressing ". I'll make a note about adding more deletes in version 1.1.

    About editing tags other than ID3V2, I currently don't care about these, so I don't plan to implement such things. Since this is an open-source program, it is possible for somebody else to add support for these, though.

  • Great program. I used to  use easytag and albumart but I like your program much better. The only thing I miss is the ability of albumart to save the cover image in the albums directory and create a .directory file so that file managers would display the image instead of the folder. Is there a way to save the image do disk? If not it would be a nice addition.

  • Ciobi

    First of all, it would be a really great idea to create new threads for new feature requests. Those threads should have meaningful names.

    About creating .directory files: Now it's not possible to do it. (Well, you can copy the image from an MP3 file to an image-processing application and then save it manually to .directory, but in most cases doing so wouldn't make much sense.) I'll think about adding support for this in version 1.1, but I don't promise anything. I'm not familiar with this ".directory" concept, so I wonder which application / operating system uses these files.