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Media Library + a few tweaks

  • jaacoppi

    Hello. Installed a soundcard and mp3blaster yesterday. Mp3blaster is great but I think it lacks a media library.
    A media library holds all the mp3's to be easily selected to the playlist. I don't know if this is common in Unix but on Windows this is somewhat the default nowadays. Check out recent Winamp or MusicMatch Jukebox to see what I mean. The media library makes it easier to manage collections of hundreds / thousands of songs.

    Another suggestion: Change places with "now playing" and Global playback, it would make much more sense.

    I'll post both of these as trackers as well.

    Thanks, jaacoppi

    • Dralnu

      Not speaking for the devs, and just speaking as a *nix user: Media libs are usually in the format of a system heirarchy, which, if properly done, is just as good as any library you'll find on any good mp3 player.