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#16 List All "Missing Episodes" Button/Tab

Spuds Dude
general (18)

It would be really useful to have an option that produced a single list of all the missing tv episodes for tv series that are in my collection.

For those that download shows it would act as a reminder when to look for torrents for each episode. For those that can actually receive the original broadcast it will let them see at a glance which days new episodes of their favourite shows will be on. As a non US resident I often find a show goes off air for a few weeks then comes back again and I've missed a couple of episodes by the time I discover it is back on and struggle to find a torrent. As MIP has access to all the data neeeded to stop this happening this feature would be a real boon!

It would be nice if the episodes could be listed in date order something like this:

Mon 15 Dec 2008 Worst Week S01E11 - The Gift
Mon 12 Jan 2009 Worst Week S01E12 - The Article
Mon 19 Jan 2009 24 S07E05 - Day 7: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Mon 19 Jan 2009 Worst Week S01E13 - The Puppy
Fri 23 Jan 2009 Battlestar Galactica (2003) S04E11 - A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Leading zeroes are important in episode numbers as these are usually used in torrents and this could be cut and pasted.

There may be some shows (such as chat shows and documentaries) that have run for decades so the default should be just to list episodes missing from the last year(or month?) until 14 days from now unless a "list all" option is ticked. Any episode scheduled more than 14 days ahead is probably subject to change anyway.


NB. Date format should be taken from O/S region settings (or config) as us europeans like our ddd-MMM-yyyy and Americans prefer MMM-ddd-yyyy (or similar). It is VERY easy to get confused when American applications don't spell out the month, Microsoft are serious offenders in that area!


  • Spuds Dude
    Spuds Dude

    coming with the updated scan engine for tv shows