#1 bugs list


1) in the chat window when a message is sent, the
scrollbar goes to top which should stay on the last line
so the msg can be read directly instead of moving the
scrollbar down everytime which is not possible also if the
client runs in full control mode.

2) server should also have a link to start a chat.

3) if server is installed as service, when i restart the pc
(winxp) the server runs but when the client connects, it
also connects but in the client pc, the window which
shows the remote desktop comes blank (black color).
Fine in win me.

4) in winxp, if server is installed as service, icon should
come in system tray so the password, settings etc can
be changed or else not possible due to end if
previnstance is true.

5) install, installservice need to be made as 1 and
uninstall, remove service needs to be made as 1. I cant
find the importance of having 4 such parameters.

Can u tell me in the wise installer u used, did u need to
run any of the parameters like install, service etc during
server installation?


  • Mark DePalma
    Mark DePalma

    • status: open --> open-fixed