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For the scenario's execution
go to :
to download

Posted by Marc Patten 2001-06-11


Some improvement on GUI. At last, we have done
a well design, and we are able du display in generic way, any proxy and handle any property change...

Posted by Pascal Molli 2000-12-14

Merge of the process branch

The process branch has been merged to the main branch. Beware when you update.
Note that now, jpython and the treemap are required to compile

Posted by Francois Charoy 2000-11-08

the motu home page has been already done !

come & see it on the web !

Posted by Marc Patten 2000-10-16

Project installation

the MOTU project is currently moving on sourceforge.

Developpers, please wait that CVS tree has completely moved.
don't commit on the old cvs server.

Posted by Pascal Molli 2000-10-13