#2 Hex editor and Seem features


Well, first of all excuse my bad english.

I've been trying to touch just everthing in my new C650
and found a list of hacks to do with it by editing the
seem and some hex files like spcolor.sch in
/a/mobile/system which is a custom colour style.

It could be nice to implement in moto4lin a hex editor
and some kind of guide for editing the seem which could
tell what you're touching or could send you to the
correct offset by selecting the feature you want to
change from a list...

I'm probably asking for something too difficult but I
suppose it's not impossible once I've been able to do
many of that things manually.

Everything I did was from the text that's attached to
this message, which is prepared for Motorola Vxxx but
I've used it with C650 with no problems.
I found the file at http://xlr8.us/hofo/
In the web they explain to do everything in Windows,
but, of course, all I've done was with Moto4Lin.

After all you're doing a wonderfull work, demonstrating
once again that a Linux user doesn't need a win
partition at all (it was really funny to read in win
user's forums how they had to touch xp's registry for
making it properly recognise the phone) and I just
want to say
Thank You!

And if I can help in anything, please contact me in:



  • map for hacking vxxx