Motion 3.1.18 Released

Motion-3.1.18 adds both many new features, removes a few and fix many bugs.

New Features:
- Brightness, contrast, hue and saturation control.
- New smart mask feature.
- Better configure script and Makefile.
- Speed optimizations of motion detection.
- Green motion images now B/W with smart mask shown red.
- Major improvement of noise_tune.
- ffmpeg-0.4.9 support.
- Motion can now save only the first motion picture frame in an event.
- Netcams no longer needs the cURL library to run.
- Netcam feature now also supports mjpeg stream as well as single jpeg.

Removed Features:
- Berkeley mpeg feature is removed since ffmpeg works much better
- Unfinished prediction feature removed

Major Bug Fixes:
- Rotate feature improved
- Enabled use of leading spaces when changing text_left/right via xmlrpc
- Improved the signal handling of ctrl-C and kill.
- Implemented a POSIX compliant SIGCHLD signal handler to avoid floods of
warnings and script zombies in some RedHat versions.
- Fixed several bugs in the timelapse feature.

Posted by Kenneth Lavrsen 2005-01-30