Motion ver. 3.1.15 released

Short Summary of changes from 3.1.14 to 3.1.15.
- ffmpeg now supports mpeg4 and msmpeg4 in addition to mpeg1. Timelapse
mpegs are always made with mpeg1 because this allows appending to
existing mpeg when motion or timelapse is restarted.
- configure should now find libraries automatically on most distros
- rotation feature added which allows the camera to be mounted upside
down or in portrait.
- SQL (Postgres and MySQL) table format has been changed. The time
related fields have been replaced by a timestamp field called 'time_stamp'.
New fields are 'frame', 'text_left', and 'camera'.
- A new feature called 'labeling' was added which is a great enhancement
to the motion detection algoritm. It ensures that only the largest
area of movement is included in the detection.
- Angel Carpintero ported motion and it's main features to freeBSD.
The freeBSD is still very much beta and because of limited access to
hardware we need more people to test the various features.
- Motion is now also released as an RPM with both mysql, postgres,
libcurl and ffmpeg support.
- Misc. bugfixes

Posted by Kenneth Lavrsen 2004-07-17