I was tinkering around in the interfaces of my cameras, which are H264 supported. I decided to stream directly from them with the H264 stream, something I hadn't done before because I just associated MJPG as being the default standard for Motion. What I was presented with was what I've always heard about H264 - great quality with a super low network footprint. My network usage to my server was literally cut in half while maintaining what seemed to be fantastic video quality (certainly better than MJPG, to be blunt). As a result, I have been Googling for Motion related articles involving H264 or X264 in terms of support. Due to Motion's name, there's a TRUCKLOAD of unrelated results that pop up, making searches more difficult. I tried putting in the direct RTSP URL for netcam_url in the config, but that failed, with syslog populating several things regarding "failed to open camera, check config" etc etc. I know ZoneMinder supports H264 (RTSP) so I figured it wasn't a proprietary vs open source thing (especially considering X264 is GPL), but I was kind of at a loss. I figured I'd ask you folks directly. Is there any sort of H264/X264 related support for Motion? Or will we be stuck with MJPG indefinitely?