Can you please link me to the patch? - I can't seem to find it,


On 7 November 2010 20:08, Wim Lewis <> wrote:
On 10/2/10 12:46 PM, Wim Lewis wrote:
> On Sep 30, 2010, at 9:09 AM, Brian Gaut wrote:
>> If anyone miraculously finds a solution to get it installed
>> natively on OS X, I'm still all ears.
> I submitted a patch a couple of months back which makes the configure
> process work better on non-Linux machines, including allowing Motion
> to build and run on my OSX machine. It's in the list of patches under
> "ConfigureTweaks".

Has anyone tried the patch? Having seen no response to my posts to the
list, I'd assumed there were simply no Motion users using OSX or *BSD,
but it seems that there are a few.

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