The current SL6 (aka RHEL6) is running 2.6.32 and all is well.  The slackware I've just departed from I think was running 2.6.33, which had similar problems to Ubuntu (2.6.35 I think) - the Trust was not supported (no image at all, although a /dev/video device seemed to be present), and breakup of the images (jagged chunks cutting and pasting between two of the cameras that are the same model).  The moral of the story I think is to buy hardware that supports Linux essentially.

I only have the one EHCI controller by the looks, a laptop.

On 25 April 2011 18:18, Andrew Burgess <> wrote:
On 04/25/2011 04:05:17 AM, GSO wrote:

> The only linux I've been able to get all my webcams (3xLogitech and a
> Trust) working on has been RedHat - otherwise the Trust is often not
> supported, or interference between cameras: chunks of the image cut
> and
> paste themselves around the image (sometimes blocks, other times
> jagged
> chunks) and possibly from one camera to another.

which kernel are you running?

i found the latest fedora 14 kernel couldn't handle my new
usb card
but 2.6.38 and 2.6.39-rc4 were fine with it.

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