Hi all,

Excuse for the mistakes if any and pls let me know.

I am using ASUS WL500g and openWRT.
Motion on this router gives me only a images of size 160*128.
If i increase the size in motion.conf, they are filled up with grey color.
but image will be in centre with 160*128. Please tell me what could be done.

Also i am trying to send the compressed jpeg image data to a PC and then create a jpg file at the server end. I dont know how to do it. Please give me some pointers. I see the webcam.c sending the same compressed buffer.

I am able to send the unsigned char image directly and create file using the put_picture() in the picture.c file. But, If i use Put_picture_memory() and then send the compressed data, i am not able to create a file at the other end. (using sockets and i send the data ie)compressed unsigned char image)
Your help will really help me.

Thanks and Regards,

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