I don't think you can do it directly but there are a few options that might achieve what you want. I call a short script when motion is detected on my raspberry pi, which in turn runs rsync to copy files to another server. I used to use:

# Command to be executed when a motion frame is detected (default: none)
; on_motion_detected <myscript>

but this often resulted in multiple rsync processes. Then I discovered I could use:

# Command to be executed when an event ends after a period of no motion
# (default: none). The period of no motion is defined by option gap.
on_event_end /home/dougie/bin/motion_detected > /home/dougie/logs/motion_detected.out 2>&1

which does exactly what I need.

In my 'motion_detected' script I have the following two lines:
    rsync --ignore-existing -ruv /home/dougie/webcam/ phoenix:/diskb/webcams/pi1
    ssh phoenix album -geometry=320x180 -sort=date -reverse_sort /diskb/webcams/pi1/$(date +%Y)/$(date +%m)/$(date +%d

(the second line has nothing to do with motion - it's just a neat way of always having quick access to all my webcam images anywhere on my homelan).

You'd have the issue that you'd still have a local copy of the images on your source machine - in my case the rpi. I tend to housekeep this quite aggressively, clearing out all images more than a day old using find in a cron job. I deliberately don't use '--delete' in my rsync so that 'phoenix' keeps an archive of images that I can housekeep as necessary.


On 21/07/13 08:40, october8134 wrote:
Hello all,
Is there a way to specify a network location for "target_dir"?  I don't want to save the image to a drive connected to the PC.  I want to connect to a drive that's on the network...something like ""

I just joined the list.  Please excuse me for any mailing list etiquette violations.  I'm much more familiar with forums than mailing lists.


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