may need 2 pipes. one to motion and one to your displayer.

On 11/29/2012 11:56 AM, Karolis Eigelis wrote:
Hi everyone,

i am trying to set up motion to use v4l2loopback, but no luck :/

I installed and created 1 device pipe.

Did put that device in motion config - motion_pipe /dev/video1

Motion runs fine - in debug there is nothing said about loopback.

When i try to access /dev/vide1 with any web cam software or simply with vlc or gst-lunch i get error and nothing is shown,

But in general v4l2loopback is working i did test it using this page - where consumer i tried was any webcam software viewer.

Does anybody had a luck or is already using v4l2loopback with motion ?

Many Thanks,

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