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adms-2.3.4 release


  • able to parse BSIM6, BSIMCMG (107.0.0)
  • merge patches from WRspice
  • preprocessorLex.l:
    • remove print to screen of disciplines.vams
    • Change string recognition to allow embedded \" as literal quote
    • Capture quoted string containing line continuation character \
    • avoid spurious fatal error from an included file which last line contains
      onlywhite space.
  • preprocessorYacc.y:
    • fix BSIM6 parse problem, string macro arg broken by continuator
      caused 'unexpected end-of-line' error.
  • verilogLex.l:
    • Change string recognition to allow embedded \" as literal quote
  • admsXml.c:
    • update website address on info message
    • turn error on verbose message for mismatched assignments (WRspice)
Posted by Guilherme 2014-08-27

adms-2.3.3 release


  • adms.implitic.xml
    • add all standard functions and transcendental functions (LRM v2.3.1)
    • add $limit function, used in Xyce
  • fixed CMake build system:
    • enabled config.h reader configuration, checks for HAVE_ defines used on
      the generated source code.
    • added module to search for Perl modules (maintainer mode)
    • it runs the Perl scripts to generate source code
  • preprocessorLex.l: set Flex ptional output name to preprocessorLex.c
  • verilogaLex.l: set Flex optional output name to verilogaLex.c
  • install admsCheck: this is a test program for admsXml
  • admsXml, admsCheck: link libraries statically
    • Set static linking on Linux, OSX, Windows
    • Drop DLL support on MINGW (Win32), static linked
Posted by Guilherme 2014-08-27

adms-2.3.2 release

* moved repository to
* further cleanup, no new language features
* bump bison dependency, bison-2.6+ (tested with 2.7.1 and 3.0.2)
* update admsXml help
* use Git hash as revision number
* show OS and Compiler version
* fix make dist to create tarball
* introduce support for CMake build scripts
* update Readme and build instructions

* very little change from adms-2.3.0
* small improvements to build system and tidied up source download package.... read more

Posted by Guilherme 2014-05-14

New Operator for mot-adms page

The Qucs team has now taken over the running of the ADMS project page which has not been updated for some time. A tidied up version of the ADMS distribution sources has now been added to the download page, and the sources uploaded to a new git repo.

Posted by Richard C 2014-03-27

adms-2.2.9 release

- implemented yacc grammar for the admst language
---- added arithmetic operators
---- limitations: apply only on integers/reals
---- added | operator (or-ed of admst paths)
---- added # and @ operators
---- fixed tons of bugs
- verilog-ams parser
---- added support to arrays
---- added vla file location in adms tree (lexval)

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2008-07-09

adms-2.2.8 release

ADMS is a code generator that converts electrical compact device models specified in high-level description language into ready-to-compile c code for the API of spice simulators.

standalone xml parser (glib is no more required)
more robust admst language

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2007-12-21

adms-2.2.7 release

Portability issue:
Previous versions do not compile on sun.
Please use this one in place.

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2007-05-02

adms-2.2.5 release

1- improved admstpath parser
2- fixed CR bug in file .adms.implicit.xml

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2007-04-20

adms-2.2.4 release

1- fixed bug in building 'analogfunction' element
Items in analog functions were reverse-ordered.
2- improved vlatovla.xml script

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2006-03-31

adms-2.2.3 release

1- fixed bug
adms-2.2.2 crashes with declaration:
parameter real a=b; // b is a previous parameter
2- improved Verilog-AMS parser
better parsing of attributes
add 'attributes.xml' to the adms home page

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2006-03-28

adms-2.2.2 release

Local variables are now saved inside the adms data tree. A new adms element 'blockvariable' has been created to this purpose.
begin : A
real a1, a2,a3; //this becomes 'blockvariable'

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2006-03-24

adms-2.2.0 release

started implementation of 'analog functions'
this version works with the xml interface of ngspice

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2006-03-09

adms-2.1.2 release

fixed memory leakage

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2006-01-04

adms-2.1.0 release

Added code to handle mfactor automatically
Renamed $ddx to ddx
Fixed miscellaneous bugs

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2005-08-16

adms-2.0.0 release

adms-2 has been released.
the home page of adms is under rebuilding.

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2005-04-04

adms-1.42.0 release

new release (only source) - installation bugs fixed
zspice and ads/spectre xml interfaces updated

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2004-11-29

mailing-list created

I created a mailing for the adms project. See:

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2003-10-02

home page created

first draft of project home page created
Report any problem to

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2003-09-23

hpux, sun binaries available

adms-1.1.14: release binaries for HPUX and SUN

Posted by Laurent Lemaitre 2003-09-17