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Read Me


Rvcg is an R-package providing methods for manipulations on triangular meshes by using the API of the VCGLIB library.

Installation of the R-package "Rvcg":

  1. Make sure to work with the latest version of R and install dependencies (type the following commands into your R terminal):

  2. Download the version suitable for your OS from here. Either the compiled package (for Windows and OS X) or the source tarball (Linux).

  3. Installation command from within R:

  4. check if the package can be loaded:

    load package: library(Rvcg)

Installation of the-R package "Rvcg" (latest development code) using devtools::

install prerequisites
  1. install devtools from within R (Ubuntu/Debian users will have to install libcurl4-gnutls-dev beforehand):

  2. Install build environment

    • Windows: Install latest version of Rtools
      During installation of Rtools make sure to install the toolchain, and to select "Edit the system path" (and confirming the installers suggestions).
    • OSX: Install XCODE
install Rvcg
  • Run the following command in R: