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#265 No support for mounted sata or scsi drives.


In the morphing-morphix configuration menu, the one
where you choose what partition on your disk to use for
temporary storage, there is no support for my mounted
drives, they are for example sda1, sda2 etc. but the
morphing-morphix menu only seems to have support for
ATA drives as the only thing i see in the menu is
/mnt/hd??. and i dont have any ATA drives in my pc.

A workaround i used: mount the desired drive under
/mnt/hd??, literally. dont know for sure if this works
as i didnt bother to try it. i didnt really like
morphing-morphix, i will just use my debain box.

Peter Rus (p e t o r r u s @ g m a i l . cream) . cream
= .com. you know, against the intelligent spambots.


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