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#329 upgrading from .73 to .74

Eric Gould

In trying to update from .73 to .74 I'm running into a
lot of problems. First off, the way the mail messages
are stored is completely different. With some messing
around i got it to work in .74, it shows all my message
names and subjects etc but not the actual message.
When you click it gives that file error etc etc. Does
anyone have a way to take care of this?

Also, I figured I'd just make an imap e-mail account,
copy the (thousands of) messages from my inboxes into
the imap account, do a fresh .74 install and then
connect to the imap account.... Pretty slick huh? No
dice. When I highlight messages from a regular inbox,
and then right click on the imap inbox to do a COPY,
the copy and move buttons are greyed out.

I love this system and I've been waiting for an upgrade
for over a year, man would I love to be able to use it.