Moreamp won't open

  • I've downloaded the dmg to run on my OSX, but every time I try to open it, it closes. What do I do?

      1. Normally, when you open the dmg, you get a popup window with the message 'Opening "MoreAmp-0.1.16-binOSX.dmg" Verifying... Attaching... Finishing...'.

      Then a new icon labelled "MoreAmp" appears on the Desktop.

      If you open that new icon (OSX might already have done that for you) you get a new window titled "MoreAmp" with three text files named "COPYING", "COPYINGOggVorbis", and "README", and a fourth file, the application "" .

      If you get all that, go on to step 2.

      Otherwise, there is something wrong with the dmg that you downloaded or with your OSX installation.

      When you right-click on a dmg, one of the "Open With" choices should be "DiskImageMounter", try opening it with that.
      Or try downloading the dmg again (maybe from another mirror, I tested New York).
      Or experiment with other .dmg files.

      1. If you have a previous installation of MoreAmp, just replace the previous file with the new one, otherwise, close that new window titled "MoreAmp" then copy the whole MoreAmp folder from the Desktop to your home folder (make sure you are copying the whole folder instead of just making an alias, i.e. hold the 'alt' key while dragging so that you get that green plus sign under the cursor, instead of that black alias arrow).

      That's the installation (the README only says "mount the dmg image of the 'MoreAmp' binary release archive and copy the MoreAmp folder to your home folder".

      Clean up with the "Eject MoreAmp" menu item that you get from right-clicking on that new MoreAmp icon on the desktop. The dmg file that you downloaded is no longer needed and you can delete or save it.

      To run MoreAmp, open the MoreAmp app in the new MoreAmp folder in your home folder.

      You may also want to download the archive MoreAmp-0.1.16b-binOSX-patch.tgz and see the README-MoreAmp-0.1.16b-OSX-patch.txt file in it.


    • There's a MoreAmpN in the avaiable downloads. I'm not sure what the distinction is, but this one runs for me and the non-N does not.

    • MoreAmpN runs, it loads a playlist, but it won't do anything else. Can't play (no sound, no visual feedback other than the graying of the play button). If I had the time, I might try building it myself. Not really a starter at this point.

    • YAFollow-up:

      1. Poking around the site, I find that MoreAmpN is the native build. The readmes appear to be identical, so no clue there.
      2. There appears to be no indication of bad files on input. Valid files appear to work fine. Maybe it is a starter.
      • What mac and OSX version do you have ?

        The MoreAmp and MoreAmpN 0.1.16 for OSX apps available for download are built and tested on OSX version 10.3.4. They are built only for PowerPC (ppc) macs, not for the new Intel-based macs.

        Applications for the new Intel-based macs normally need to be built as "universal" binaries that run on both ppc and Intel-based macs.

        Intel-based macs come with a utility ("Rosetta") that can run "most" ppc-only apps, but this hasn't been tested with MoreAmp 0.1.16.

        When MoreAmp(N) runs but does not play, try the "Tools->View log" menu for clues for what may be wrong. You might also try to see what happens if you set the output to wav or aif file instead of to sound.

        Normally, for visual feedback while MoreAmp is playing, the position slider moves to the right, the elapsed time counter (above the Repeat checkbox) increases, and the main window title shows the info selected with the "Settings->Title info" menu or with the TitleInfo checkbox.

        The difference between MoreAmp and MoreAmpN is in the graphic user interface (gui). MoreAmp is built with wxWidgets and has fancy buttons, sliders, checkboxes, etc. MoreAmpN is built with the "Native" OSX gui and has "metal" panels and plain buttons, etc.


    • Steve Kalkwarf
      Steve Kalkwarf

      I would appear that MoreAmp was dynamically linked against a library that is not part of the default Mac OS X install:

      Link (dyld) error:

      Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libpng.3.dylib
      Referenced from: /Volumes/MoreAmp/
      Reason: image not found

      • pmisteli

        Thank you for reporting this.

        I've posted a new MoreAmp-0.1.16c-binOSX.dmg that was linked with /usr/local/lib/libpng.a and should run without /usr/local/lib/libpng.3.dylib.

        When building wx MoreAmp, it seems that wx-config --libs always returns "... -lpng ...".

        Running ./configure ... --disable-shared doesn't help.

        So I ended up removing all of /usr/local/lib/png except the static lib and the link to it :
        /usr/local/lib/libpng.a -> libpng12.a

        People who build their own wx MoreAmp may want to do the same.

        Building wxWidgets --without-libpng may also help. MoreAmp doesn't need libpng.