instalation error

  • Hi, I need help to install MoreAmp on Linux.

    All the times I've tried to install, I got this error:

    'configconfig.status: error: cannot find input file: configtemplate.h'

    And this file doesn't exist at all!

    What should I do?

    • The mamkunix*.sh scripts execute these commands:

      rm -f configtemplate.h

      When you run one of these mamkunix*.sh scripts, the autoheader command should create a new configtemplate.h file.

      If you don't get a new configtemplate.h file, then maybe autoheader doesn't work or works differently on your system.

      Moreamp installation has not been tested on all Linux or Unix systems.

      The src distribution comes with a configtemplate.h file generated for Mac, which has this comment:
      / configtemplate.h. Generated from by autoheader. /

      Also, some people have posted on building moreamp on Linux in the Comments section at