Problems on Windows XP

  • Michael Binz
    Michael Binz

    The binaries seem not to work on Windows XP. When starting the executable I receive a 'memory cannot be read' dialog and the program stops. I have local administrator rights.

    • I am unable to reproduce this problem.

      From looking at a few of the over 2000 results of googling '"memory cannot be read" xp' , it looks like a difficult problem to isolate, since causes can be hardware or xp as well as MoreAmp.

      I suggest you try a new download of MoreAmp from SourceForge, in case your binary got corrupted:

      and a fresh install in a new MoreAmp dir, i.e. a dir without any previous MoreAmp config files.

      It would also be interesting if you could try MoreAmp on a different pc.