Can't make songlists

  • On the OSX build, I hit "Make Songlist" and after I select a folder, it just... doesn't make, lol. It didn't even ask me to give a name for the songlist.

    Any help would be cool.

    • pmisteli

      Thanks for reporting this.

      I just tried this on an Intel iMac with OS X 10.4.8 and got the same problem, but after a few tries the problem disappeared, and I can no longer reproduce it.

      If you still have the problem you can try making a songlist by hand.

      A songlist is just a text file with full paths to song files, with a .maf extension. Put it in the MoreAmp/masonglists dir and try the "Open Song List" menu.

      If that still doesn't work, you can try dragging the list you made onto the icon.

      It would help to know what system you have (ppc or Intel, and OS X version).

      MoreAmp for OS X has so far only been tested on ppc machines with OS X 10.3.9. The next release will also be tested on Intel machines with OS X 10.4.8.


    • pmisteli

      There is now a mac-intel binary at

      tested on OS X 10.4.8.


    • Still nothing, really. I'm on a PPC with OSX 10.3.9. I saved a single-song list as lovesupreme.maf in the correct folder, and tried to open it all the ways you said. Here's what I put for the song path:

      Macintosh HD\Users\student\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\The Flower Kings - Adam and Eve\The Flower Kings - 01 - Love Supreme.flac

      I also tried using colons and forward slashes, wasn't sure what would work. lol

      • pmisteli

        Ok, there is a problem to be sorted out.

        Meanwhile, on my system, this in a .maf file works :

        /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/student/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/The Flower Kings - Adam and Eve/The Flower Kings - 01 - Love Supreme.flac

        This also works:

        /Users/student/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/The Flower Kings - Adam and Eve/The Flower Kings - 01 - Love Supreme.flac

        i.e. with or without "/Volumes/Macintosh HD", but not with "Macintosh HD" alone, at the beginning.

        Also, note the forward slashes.

        Also, look at the error log, either with the Tools->View Log menu, or with a text editor: file maLog.txt in the MoreAmp dir.

        • pmisteli

          I have posted new Mac intel and ppc binaries, version 0.1.19c.

          The previous release worked ok only with song files on volumes other than the system volume (usually "Macintosh HD").
          My test song dirs are on other volumes :)

          Please post again if you still have problems.