OSX build

  • Hi

    looks very nice your player/converter/recorder.

    It appears the only application on the market to convert flac streight to
    mp3, aac whilst preserving Tag data.

    My problem is that i have no clue about the OS X terminal, i 've tried to
    install some stufff (such as wxMac-2.4.2) but it fails, and i can't figure
    how to "run configure to generate a new maConfigMacOSX.h file to
    compile it with xcode either ("there is no default application to open"); i
    am a total novice withe XCode and the terminal.

    Do u see a chance to offer a compiled version at sourceforge for the OS
    X with all functions? On the other hand I think it would be a popular
    shareware download at kagi or versiontracker, i recommend you to
    consider it.

    I'd be exited about a short response.

    • hello,

      This is a great player! i can now listen to all my .oogs and .flac in one program!

      i do however have a few questions.

      i cant save playlists? can this make playlists or use itunes playlists? can it build playlists like itunes in any way?
      i cannot get this player to run and play a directory at start up.
      how big it to big? i have over 10,000 songs in a directory orginised like itunes artist/album(s)/songs this crashes Moreamp.

      -thank you for your time,

      • "i cant save playlists? can this make playlists or use itunes playlists? can it build playlists like itunes in any way?"

        The songlists exported by the iTunes version I have (4.0.1), and probably later versions, are not suitable for MoreAmp.

        However, if you have set the "Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library" iTunes preference, you can drop the "Music/iTunes/iTunes Music" directory icon in your home dir onto the MoreAmp app icon (in the OSX Dock if you keep it there, or wherever you installed MoreAmp).

        Dropping a dir onto the MoreAmp app icon creates a songlist named "madrop.maf" for all the songs in the dir and any subdirs. If there are many songs (thousands), it may take some time before the MoreAmp window appears on the screen.

        After MoreAmp has created the "madrop.maf" songlist, it starts playing automatically. You can stop it and use the "File/Save Song List As" menu to rename the "madrop.maf" songlist, and change and save the settings for it.

        MoreAmp has no way to add or remove songs from a songlist. You need to either re-create the songlist or edit it with a text editor.

        There is more information in the "Songlists" section in the MoreAmp README under "Usage".

        "i cannot get this player to run and play a directory at start up."

        Simply dropping a directory onto the MoreAmp app icon should start MoreAmp playing the files in that directory (and subdirs), as stated above.

        If by "at start up" you mean "at computer startup" or "at login", you can do this:
        1. Make a songlist from your directory, as described above using your directory instead of the "iTunes Music" directory, or make a songlist using MoreAmp's "File/Make Song List" menu.
        2. Open the songlist using the "File/Open Song List" menu.
        3. Set MoreAmp's "Settings/Auto Start" menu item.
        4. Save settings with the "Settings/Save Settings" menu.
        5. Quit moreAmp.
        6. On OSX, use "System Preferences/Accounts/Startup Items" to open MoreAmp (or MoreAmpN) automatically when you login.

        When MoreAmp starts up, it always uses the songlist that it last opened, and starts playing automatically if the settings for that songlist were saved with the "Auto Start" setting on.

        1. On OSX, in "System Preferences/Accounts/Startup Items", you can also put a MoreAmp songlist, e.g. "mysonglist.maf", instead of the MoreAmp (or MoreAmpN) app.

        "how big it to big? i have over 10,000 songs in a directory orginised like itunes artist/album(s)/songs this crashes Moreamp."

        10000 songs is not too big, but, depending on your computer, MoreAmp may be slow when it creates a songlist, or when it displays the songlist in the Song List window.

        Make sure you have the latest MoreAmp (today, June 9 2006, it is version 0.1.16). You can check with the "About MoreAmp" menu.

        Here are some simple things you can try before creating and playing a songlist, to see if MoreAmp stops crashing:
        1. Set the EqWindow, ListWindow, Equalizer and Effects settings off, then Save these settings as default, so that they will be off for new songlists that are created.
        2. Save settings as default with the "Error Logging" setting off (temporarily), and try creating and playing a songlist again.
        3. Try smaller songlists (5000, 2000, 500...).
        4. If you are on OSX, try the other MoreAmp version (MoreAmp or MoreAmpN).

        Whenever something goes wrong, use the "Tools/View log" menu to see if any errors were logged, or look at file maLog.txt with a text viewer.

        It would help to know when MoreAmp crashes: when creating a songlist, or when playing a songlist, or when displaying a songlist in the List window.

        It would also help to know what system you are on (OSX, OS9, Windows or Linux, memory size, etc).


    • Thank you.

      Sorry if I've misled anyone, but Moreamp does not preserve tag data. In fact it completely ignores tag data, except to display mp3 tags, and to write the MoreAmp and lame versions in otherwise unfilled mp3 tags.

      There is no way to build MoreAmp without wxWidget, even with the XCode project.

      You may want to give the wxWidget installation another try :

      When you open a Terminal window you are in Unix. You need to be familiar with at least the 'pwd' command to see what dir you are in, the 'ls' command to list the dir's content, and the 'cd' command to navigate to the directory where you have extracted wxMac-2.4.2.

      When you get to the wxMac dir enter :

      ./configure --with-mac --disable-shared -without-odbc

      When 'configure' has finished (takes a while) enter :


      When 'make' has finished (takes a longer while) enter :

      sudo make install

      and you may be prompted for the root password (the administrator password you gave osx when you installed it).

      That should do it for wxWidget.

      Building MoreAmp is identical :

      In a Terminal window navigate to the dir where you have extracted MoreAmp. When you get there enter :


      When 'configure' has finished enter :


      When 'make' has finished you are done (no install). You should have the new MoreAmp app in the MoreAmp dir.

      The GPL license under which MoreAmp is released is not a license to distribute programs that create mp3 or aac files.


    • mikehkg

      tks for the advice and infos. After the step "configure" from above, the session ends with:
      Configured wxWindows 2.4.2 for `powerpc-apple-darwin7.7.0'

      Which GUI toolkit should wxWindows use? MAC
      Should wxWindows be compiled in debug mode? no
      Should wxWindows be linked as a shared library? no
      Should wxWindows be compiled in Unicode mode? no
      What level of wxWindows compatibility should be enabled?
      wxWindows 2.0 no
      wxWindows 2.2 yes
      Which libraries should wxWindows use?
      jpeg builtin
      png builtin
      regex sys
      tiff builtin
      zlib sys

      After entering "make", the terminal responds:

      hd:/Applications/wxMac-2.4.2 me$ make
      c++ -c -I./lib/wx/include/mac-2.4 -I./include -I./src/png -I./src/jpeg -I./src/tiff -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -D_LARGE_FILES -no-cpp-precomp -fpascal-strings -I./src/mac/morefile -I/Developer/Headers/FlatCarbon -DWXMAC -O2 -MMD -Wall -o dc.o ./src/mac/dc.cpp
      src/mac/dc.cpp:1259: error: parse error before <<' token src/mac/dc.cpp:1263: error: parse error beforeshort'
      make: *** [dc.o] Error 1
      sys66:/Applications/wxMac-2.4.2 me$

      so that's where i stuck. Does somebody have an idea whats wrong?


    • I also had this problem but had forgotten about it.

      This fix worked for me :

      1. Find in dir wxMac2.4.2/src/mac file dc.cpp and make a backup copy of it.

      2. Open dc.cpp in a text editor e.g. TextEdit

      3. Find the following line (line 1259) :

      inline Fixed IntToFixed( int inInt )

      1. Add four lines (the lines with the //x at the end) where shown below:

      ifndef IntToFixed //x

      inline Fixed IntToFixed( int inInt )
      return (((SInt32) inInt) << 16);

      endif //x

      ifndef FixedToInt //x

      inline int FixedToInt( Fixed inFixed )
      return (((SInt32) inFixed) >> 16);

      endif //x

      5: Save the file and try 'make' again.


    • mikehkg

      A couple of thousand files filledwith code, adding 4 lines and yes ... "wx is installed" it said.

      On configuring MacAMp, however, i'm getting:
      configure: error: "Could not find wx-config: is wxWindows installed? is wx-config in your path?"

      I've checked the wx-folder which still contains 803 items - but there seems no application inside. I've moved the hole folder into the application folder, but still getting above error.

      I'm sure you know the trick, RMisteli, tks in advance and have a great day, too :-)

    • After the wxMac 'make install' has run successfully you no longer need the wxMac-2.4.2 folder. The install has copied the files needed to build wx projects to dir /usr/local.

      You may still need to enter the following single line in a Terminal window (you don't need to cd to any particular dir) :

      ln -s /usr/local/bin/wxmac-2.4-config /usr/local/bin/wx-config

      Then cd to the MoreAmp dir and try './configure' again, and then 'make'.