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Shoutcast/Icecast2 support

  • Do you plan to add Shoutcast/Icecast2 playback or even broadcasting to Moreamp? I think this could be very interesting when combining it with FAAC and FAAD2, because Icecast2 supports AAC streaming since a few days, and you offer your app for all major platforms.

    Maybe having a look at the Oddcast DSP plugin for Winamp and foobar2000 would make an implementation easier, as its developer has added FAAC recently and also provides a page with infos for a generic Linux version of his plugin:


    • Yes... the aacplus stations are quite low on bandwidth and yet have amazing quality by using several encoding tricks. Right now, no one has an aac or ogg stream ripper either. It'd be awesome to try getting the cast support and have people save the streams with id3 tags to several formats. I just hope you wouldn't mind all the attention. :)

    • pmisteli

      I currently have no plans to add streaming support, up or down, to MoreAmp, mainly because I only have a 56k dial-up connection.

      One good reason for having a player without streaming support is that in some places, if you have a wide-band inet connection and a player with streaming support, you have to pay radio/TV taxes.

      • OK, I understand. But a 56k modem is fast enough when playing aacPlus (=HE AAC) streams below 48 kbps/stereo, that's what makes this format so interesting for both users and radio station maintainers. And there are more and more aacPlus stations available at the moment, see http://www.tuner2.com/ Anyhow, thanks for answering.