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Hi! Sorry, but also after taking a glance over the README file I had NO IDEA of how to rip a CD. Can you give me a clue please?


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    Basically, you play the CD as you normally would, but before pressing the Play button, you select an output file type with the output selector (below "Output" in the main window where it says "Sound" by default) and set the parameters you want.

    Here is an example step-by-step procedure to setup CD ripping to ogg files using the MoreAmp-0.1.27-binWin.zip binary (installed on XP at C:/MoreAmp).

    1. If MoreAmp is already running, quit it.

    2. Insert the audio CD in the reader.
      If this automatically starts a media player (WMP or other), quit it.

    3. Open MoreAmp
      If an existing playlist starts automatically, stop it with the Stop button.

    4. Select menu Controls/Play CD.
      The CD should start playing, using the existing settings for CD playing.

    5. Stop the CD playing with the Stop button.

    6. Select menu Settings/Factory Settings.
      This is just to make sure we have the same settings for this example.
      Now we have three MoreAmp windows open, the main, the list and the equalizer.

    7. In the main window, below "Output Stereo", left-click the down arrow of the

    white selector that says "Sound".

    A list drops down:
    "ogg file"
    "flac file"
    "wav file"
    "aif file"

    Select "ogg file"
    A new window titled "MoreAmp .ogg file Output" appears over the Equalizer window, displaying some ripping parameters. For this example we will keep the factory parameters.

    Now we change some other settings that we don't want for CD ripping:

    1. Note that the red "SinglePlay" button in the main window has come on, click on it to turn it off (it turns blue).
      We want to rip the whole CD, not only one song. This setting comes on automatically to prevent accidently ripping a whole playlist.

    2. Close the Equalizer window to get it out of the way, either with its close box or with the main window's green "EqWindow" button (which turns blue).

    3. In the main window, click on the green "Equalizer" button to turn the equalizer off (it turns blue).
      We usually want to rip exact copies of the songs, that is, with no effects,

    4. In the main window set the Preamp sider down to 0 from its factory value of 4.0.
      This is to prevent distortion because the Limit button above it is off (blue). (The Limit button should have been on, this factory setting may be changed in the next release).

    5. In the main window turn off the green ReptPlayed setting (it turns blue).

    6. In the main window turn off the green LoopList setting (it turns blue).

      At this point the main window should be have 2 green buttons: ListWindow and TitleInfo, and no red buttons.

    7. Select menu File/Save Playlist As and enter a new name such as "cdripogg".
      Now the next time we want to rip a CD to ogg we can copy these settings with menu Settings/Copy Settings instead of performing steps 6-13 above.

    8. Select menu Tools/Zero List
      This clears any songs that were marked as having played after menu Play CD was selected in step 4 above.

    9. Press the Play button to start ripping the CD.
      The horizontal time slider in the main window moves and the song currently being ripped is highlighted in the list window.

    After the last song has been ripped, we get the "All songs in the list have played" popup.

    We can check the error log with the Tools/Edit Log menu (grayed out when no errors have been logged).

    The new ogg files are in the folder path that was displayed in the "MoreAmp .ogg File Output" window, which in this example we left at the factory value C:/MoreAmp/mafileout.

    If we drop this "C:/MoreAmp/mafileout" folder on Moreamp it will create a new "madrop" playlist that can be played with the Play button.

    We can also make a catalog of the madrop playlist with menu Tools/Make Catalog then see it with menu Tools/Edit Catalog.

    Note that MoreAmp creates files with names such as H__Track01.cda.ogg and doesn't create Album Artist Title etc. tags that some media players need to import song files.

    For more info:

    In MoreAmp's README window (from menu Help/README), enter the following text (without the quotes) above the Find button then click the Find button:

    "- Output"


    "File Output"

    "audio cd"

    Hope this helps.