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Monty Compiler


Monty is a compiler for a simple and low level programming language that is very close to python with the following features:

  • pythonish syntax
  • variables have to be declared
  • pure procedural language (not object oriented)
  • intended for stack architecture
  • arrays (equals pointers) and structs for memory access
  • all opcode is defined as assembler functions
  • can be adapted to different cpus without changing the compiler code
  • only about 3000 lines of code for the compiler

Does it work?

I only did very basic testing but the most important things work.
There must be lots of bugs left but to find them someone has to use it...


The code is executed on a simulated stack processor. I used it for early experiments. Now it is used for testing purposes only.


Around 2006 I was experimenting with Processor architectures. The goal was to create a computing platform with the following features:

  • mass- multiprocessing architecture
  • very simple stack Processors
  • multiple processors instead of a pipeline in one core
  • no big memory, hardware pipes and local memory instead

I soon realised that I could not program those processors in assembler because I had to rewrite the entire code every time I changed something in the hardware.
So I started Monty.

And now?

I do not know yet if I want to continue my experiments. But I have been working on Monty for so long that I wanted to finish and publish it.
If I continue my work depends on the interest in it.
So if you are interested in using Monty, please tell me!