• Hi, I'd like to contribute to Monolingual, mostly I'd like to include a routine that would check the arch and make sure that if it's set to remove Intel x86 it wouldn't remove them from a machine that can only run intel files, keeping those apps working, and I'd also like to create a settings file somewhere that would save which langs & archs to remove.

    • Ingmar Stein
      Ingmar Stein


      sorry for the delay, I've been on vacation during Christmas.

      I've added you to the list of developers for the Monolingual project.
      I appreciate your offer to save the checked architectures. However, you
      have to think about what happens when users migrate to a new machine.
      Currently, Monolingual calculates the checkbox states based on the
      architecture it's running on (i.e. it checks all Intel boxes when
      running on PowerPC and vice versa). You might have to save the last
      known architecture and recalculate the states if it changes.


      Last edit: Ingmar Stein 2013-01-03