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Migration from CVS to git

The monkeyircd source tree has been migrated from CVS to a more modern source code management tool, git. I have ported the most recent (1.1.1) code into git and will check the structure over the next few days.

Posted by Chris Plant 2010-10-16

MonkeyIRCD 1.1.1 Nearing Release

MonkeyIRCD 1.1.1 is currently taking shape in our CVS tree. The new release will include significant new features such as configurable send-queues, compression and encryption support for server links, SSL support for client links and multiple links to servers (i.e. mesh networks).

Posted by Chris Plant 2010-10-03

News Moved

The News for Chunky Monkey IRCD is now kept on our homepage; this is to enable users to keep up to date more easily.

Posted by Chris Plant 2001-09-29

CVS Broken

I've managed to confuse the CVS.
So I've asked Sourceforge to wipe it, and then I'll check in the code I'm working with.

Posted by Chris Plant 2001-08-06

Test Server Running

We currently have a test server running Chunky Monkey IRCD, its host is and the channel you'll find people on is #test

Posted by Chris Plant 2001-06-27

Rewrite of client to channel linking code

The code which manages the client channel lists and channel client list has been rewritten, though it has not been done completely it is now usable again and should be more stable than the old code. It is in the CVS (tag chunkyircd) until the code is complete.

Posted by Chris Plant 2001-06-15

Initial Release

Initial Release of Chunky Monkey IRCD to the public

Posted by Chris Plant 2001-06-12