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  • Yani

    Great little tool... thanks a lot. Only issue I have it that on Windows 8 the program closes after you select a monitor and doesn't stay active so you need to restart the app to switch back. It appears in the taskbar but when I roll over it, it "discintergates". ;)

  • Ka0us

    The software is great!
    But I'm having the same issue. The program disappear from systray all the time.

  • Martin

    Yani and Ka0us, sorry for the late feedback - I have totally missed the new thread here.

    I currently don't have access to windows 8 so it's hard to me to debug or develop for it. However, what you are describing doesn't sound too bad. I have just a couple of questions to maybe figure out a solution:

    1. Does it only crash after switching the profile? Meaning, is the actual switching between multiple profiles working?
    2. Can you try to manually switch between the desktop profiles with the command line utility or by using windows itself? (i.e. is the tray crashing when other applications are changing the monitor setups)
    3. Is there an old/dead process remaining after it crashes? (check task manager, if you are using the command line utility also check for that).

    As a work around you can try to use the command line utility "MonitorSwitcher.exe -load:ProfileName.xml" to change between profiles, try if this is working without any crash. You could for example create a desktop shortcut for it.